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This is a limited availability service aimed at trades people and other individuals looking to get an online presence for their business, including a website and social media so that they can be found on the internet. There is a one time "setup" fee for the website and social media page's creation, and then a small monthly fee for the hosting of the website.

What you need to do

Content is critical for an online presence, the more content you have (pictures and text) the higher you will rank on Google Search, so your website will be exposed to more potential customers. We require images of a reasonable quality such that they do no blur on desktop monitors to include in your website, along with pre-written text for each page you want. For example, the small blurb that is included in our "About Us" page would need to be

provided by you. 

Images are especially important on the social media side of your web presence, you will need a logo (or something else to use as a profile picture) along with a "banner" for your home page on most social media sites. We can do basic graphic manipulation using your existing branding to get all the specific images we need for each site (i.e. Facebook Banners, Profile Pictures, Web Page Tab Icons).


You will get a multi-page website, that can be expanded upon to hold more content or features in the future, making it a perfect starting point for your business' online presence. Here is an example of a basic multi-page website.

You will get a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (or other social media sites at your request) page with the content needed to start posting and gaining exposure. For example, profile pictures and banners will be set up, along with business information and settings on Facebook.

Together these give you a complete web presence for your business, so that you can engage with current customers more efficiently and attract more.


A basic web presence package (a website with 4 pages along with social media account creation) starts at £199. That is a one time fee, however, hosting the website will cost between £5-£10 per month. Furthermore, more complicated website features or extra pages will be charged on top of the fee, any graphic design work needed for the social media setup will also cost extra depending on time input. All charges will be discussed fully before work is started, to avoid any confusion over what you're paying to get. By providing all of the correct images and content you will reduce the amount we charge as that will save time greatly.

how to get started

To get started, contact us via Email. From there we will get a general idea of how you want your web presence to look (house style, colours, etc) and the cost for us to create your web presence.

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